Vietnamese Blind & Visually Impaired Spa

Vietnamese Blind & Visually Impaired Spa

Body Treatments

SPA SERVICE TIME PRICE (1.000 VND) 01. Body scrub by Rice bran It has ability to reduce wrinkles, absorb oils collected in the pores and remove any body blemishes. 30 mins 360 02. Body scrub by sea salt Sea salt body scrubs are a wonderful thing.  They can help exfoliate, clean, and moisturize your body. […]

Foot Massage

SPA SERVICE TIME PRICE (1.000 VND) 01. Foot massage Not only helps the leg muscles working again, tired but also helps support the body becomes healthier. 30 mins 200 60 mins 300 02.  Foot spa (Massage & Scrubs) Foot clean and healthy by special scrub and massage 75 mins 410 03.  Foot warm stone 75 […]

Body Massage

SPA SERVICE TIME PRICE (1.000 VND) 01. Indian back, neck & shoulder massage A deeply relaxing massage focusing on areas around the neck, shoulders and across the back 30 mins 240 02. Vietnamese massage Vietnamese massage based on traditional massage therapy of Vietnam, with and pressing punching, clapping 60 mins 320 75 mins 400 90 mins […]

Facial Care

SPA SERVICE TIME PRICE (1.000 VND) 01. Mini facial This quick-fix facial will address all your facial needs and challenges. Skin analysis, steam,deep cleansing, exfoliation,and a mask are all included. A relaxed and refreshed treatment designed to provide long-term dividends. 30 mins 310 02. Basic facial Classic facial includes deep pore cleansing, toning, exfoliation, facial […]

Spa Packages

SPA SERVICE TIME PRICE (1.000 VND) 01. Relaxing package  2h15′ 830 Steam bath 15 mins       Aroma massage 60 mins Facial skin care by fruit 60 mins 02. Therapy package 2h45′ 1.190 Steam bath 15 mins Thai massage with oil 60 mins Body scrub by salt 30 mins Basic facial skin care 60 mins 03. […]

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